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Waking Up

I am

Waking up

Cozy and warm I sit

In my small cottage candle lit

A distant voice in my head calling

Waves gently break as to the seashore reach

The ocean undulating, almost silent, rising and falling

Then crashing as it nears the beach

A bird sings from the top of a frangipani

Yellow and white flowers fragrance the air

Then she flies swiftly just before me

Landing gracefully on my chair

Only a moment, singing sweetly

Filling me up as if in prayer

The winds shift

Blowing from the sea

A hidden veil seems to lift

Between the mountain and me

Forces beyond my sight are acting

In ways that I have not seen

And now enter my quiet space

And all that is in between

I have built walls and doors

That close to keep me warm inside

Yet from my knowledge of what’s beyond

I cannot seem to hide

Violent storms outside the norms

Are raging as I write

Diversity and harmony

Are being lost from sight

All around our sacred Earth

The human plague and blight

Is growing exponentially

Ignoring Nature’s plight

How have we forgotten

That connected we all are

All systems interwoven

All that’s near and far

That we have been delivered

A sacred trust to care

For Earth and all her creatures

We must become aware

Nature is imploding

And from her we all live

Human greed’s exploding

Ignoring take and give

We are at a turning point

Of how we will survive

On a planet out of joint

Very few will thrive

Will we be among them?

Not if we remain

Locked in selfish blindness

Only misery we’ll gain

Step back a moment and reflect

On what’s important, do not neglect

Your inner knowing that lights your fire

And awakens your passions far beyond desire

Within your heart to all life on planet Earth connect

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