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A New Day Dawns

Photograph Courtesy of Shane Rounce, Unsplash

Giants in the high heavens meet

Expansion and Foundation greet

An Age of Freedom takes its seat

Old paradigms will soon complete

Say goodbye now to what has been

A new day dawns let us begin

To live together peacefully

With love, kindness, and harmony

Nourish each other and all life

Cut toxicity with a knife

Courageously now we must face

Sustainability embrace

The costs are too high to ignore

We all must repair and restore

Ecosystems we have abused

Our mother Gaia we have bruised

We have the knowledge what to do

That more damage does not accrue

Greed and ignorance at the core

Make a world that many deplore

For humanity to survive

New governance we must contrive

That values well-being and health

Understanding what is true wealth

Loving family is the base

From which all people can embrace

Kindness and care for each and all

This will be our greatest windfall

Sunlight dances upon the Earth

Informing all to know their worth

And with self-love we may create

The world we dream of radiate

To the field of reality

That all good things may come to be

(Note: I first published this at The Great Conjunction on April 19, 2021. It's even more relevant today)

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