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Change of Ages

Sun rises to a brilliant day

Dark forces retreat underground

I step into the light and pray

For joy, peace and love to abound

Fresh sprouts growing from fertile soil

Reflecting my fragility

From tiny seeds great trees uncoil

Thus my path of stability

Each one can choose to dedicate

All actions in the name of Love

And to ablate the source of hate

Through deep understanding thereof

Nature provides for us to thrive

The matrix in each egg and seed

Through harmony we will revive

Our true nature to take the lead

Loving kindness and compassion

The foundations of who we are

Do not doubt and lose your passion

We are all seeded from the stars

Gaia calls us, the time has come

To care for nature, everyone

Stand up for Justice, beat the drum

The Change of Ages has begun

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Thank you, Solomon for your encouraging words.


As always...Such beautiful words from a brilliant soul...... Keep it up. You are are bringing hope to the world

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