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Infinite Being

Art by Ivan Spade courtesy of Unsplash

I am an anchor of love

I am a harbor of calm

I am a light in the darkness

I am a sacred psalm

I am a lover of beauty

I am a healing balm

I am water flowing

I am a shade-giving palm

I am the Sun glowing

I am the clouds all grey

I am inner-knowing

I am the peaceful way

I am the tender shoot growing

I am the mountain strong

I am the volcano blowing

I am a melodic song

I am the Universe incarnate

I am present lifelong

I am not bound by fate

I am immortal and all seeing

I am the light at the gate

I am an infinite being

NOTE: This was first published on 17 October, 2021 as I AM

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Indeed a very unique and unusual year 2024. Fascinating times. Blessings


Thank you Donnie, we are navigating strong currents through narrow shoals and it will take all of us waking up to our highest potential to make it through safely. Love you dearly.


All very true my dear friend..... You are indeed all of that and so much more. Forever expanding, learning and growing......... Keep up the great words of inspiration. The world needs us! xoxox

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