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The Truth of Love

Before the dawn a lonely bird sings

Piercing my heart with happiness brings

First light illuminating the day

As gentle waves upon the shore play

Answering the sweet melodic call

Others declare the end of nightfall

Red and orange light peeks out in reply

Pale blue white sky above mountains high

Clouds prance across the eastern expanse

Chariots morph in imaginal dance

Reflecting what lies within the mind

Whatever we wish for is ours to find

This sweet morning I celebrate

A new dawn to emancipate

All that we love to emulate

That peace and joy will promulgate

The time has come to instigate

The Truth of Love now to relate

Our power to manipulate

Can bring about a new estate

Oh Great Mystery Play Divine

I declare a new paradigm

That in my garden I will sow

Peace, Laughter, Health & Love to grow.

This is my morning wish for all

Who will dare to answer this call?

There is one thing that you must do

Let go of pain inside of you

Forgive the past that grips your heart

Release the judgments on your part

Of what is right and what is wrong

Awaken to a brilliant dawn

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