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The Seas We Ply

High winds driving waves

Toward rocky shores

Islands of idiocy

Bays of bigotry

Fueled by fears for countless years

Led by lies that divide

Ill intent on it’s side

to dominate and collide

with all that is good

breaking families

and neighborhoods

Power and money are the goals

that cast our boats upon these shoals

Our task at hand is to repair

wounded hearts in every lair

Why would one want to wound another?

Why do choices upset and bother?

When no-one is hurt by anyone’s actions,

why not ignore them and their factions?

Let them be if you don’t agree.

Perhaps the key is not to believe

everything that you hear or read

There are ways to find the truth

Dig deeply, become a sleuth

Examine the evidence, then decide

and peacefully choose to reside

with tolerance, goodwill thus enhance

Loving-kindness give a chance

Well-being is based on the good of all

Otherwise we build a wall

And live inside separate and cut off

Opportunities are lost

Is it worth the cost

of clinging to beliefs

that only bring us and others grief?

Step out bravely

Own your fears

Let go and reach out

Shed your tears

We need each other now more than ever

To find solutions we must work together

Mother Earth is aching from our neglect

Pollution now eject

Floods and fires

Greed and desires

Change our ways

Or we will perish in this blaze

Think of our children

How will they live

in the ashes of our stupidity?

Alarms have sounded in every camp

All systems we must now revamp

Release your anger without harm

Forgive yourself, hatred disarm

And know...

You are safe

You are precious

You are loved

You are a vital link in the chain of life

That is only strong when there is no strife

Compassion and empathy

will guide our path with sympathy

If we allow it we can see past

our condemnation of deviation

And then seek reconciliation.

We are making history

each moment of every day

We all want to be free,

treated respectfully

Include every human,

all creatures, all life

In this great union

Huge potential for us to awaken

into a love creation

Let kindness be our foundation

Celebrate our variations

A new world create

Where peace and love

obviate war and hate

A new creed born based on goodness

for all life loving-kindness

Opening our hearts,

cure our blindness

This reality can only be

when we live in harmony

Within ourselves

Toward each other

With all of nature, our precious mother

This is a great work for us to achieve

I believe

we will join hands

As we wake up

to certainty

that all our lives depend on this

sacred trust for

our sacred lands.

Note: This poem was inspired by Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb” that she read at the US President’s Inauguration.

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