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Into my heart

I seek in prayer

To be awake

To be aware

And on my path, in this maze

I open wide my soul to gaze.

Oh blessed life, sacred Earth,

Gaia’s children, Arise! Give birth;

To the beauty that weaves within,

The Soul, the heart,

The laughter with each awkward start.

Arise from the depths of sorrow born

For all those tortured, we now mourn.

The well that’s carved within our being

Is as essential as the grass is green.

From years of ignorance we swear

To rise again, more aware.

Oh Great Spirit, Goddess Divine

Show us our paths, open our minds

To new ways of being,

New ways to be,

Together on Earth

Loving and Free.

I pray for all souls

Happy or sad,

Healthy or ill,

We all must be led

By our compassion within

To accept the unknown,

Our differences rejoiced,

Our commonalities owned.

It seems clear that our lot is not one of peace

For hatred reigns deep in the minds of the weak.

Strength lies in loving, this is our task.

Easy to blame, forgiveness our test.

Tolerance come forth! Hide not in the clouds -

Clear the mind and lift the shrouds.

What lies ahead not one of us knows,

Our world is uncertain as the wind blows.

With storms raging violent within and without,

What hope do we have? Can we stand devout?

Tune into your heart,

Feel your gut rise and fall;

With each breath we create

Well being for all,

For who we all are, whom we can be,

For now and forever,

Children Loving and Free.

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