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Storms of Insanity

Storms of selected insanity

What does this mean for me?

Extreme foolishness, irrationality

Ignorance and fatality

Leading to instability!

A dark moment is upon us

The time is now to concuss

Ignorance and build a truss

To bridge our divide and discuss

And end all things treasonous

The forces of power that seek to control

Will not be able to reach their goal

The forces of light will not condole

Only actions of love with they console

Calling all souls in kindness enroll

We all feel helpless in the darkest hour

It’s time to embrace our hidden power

Protected and secure in Love’s bower

Shout and call from every hill and tower

Loving-kindness upon all beings shower

Look deep within for the call to act

From this source of power make your pact

To overcome odds against you stacked

Sorting out false accusations from fact

With integrity, transparency enact

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1 Comment

is one is gutzy and great EM!!!

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