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Radiant Light

Electricity fills the night

Lightning flashes with bright white light

Waves breaking softly on the shore

Within darkness there is a door

Just before I drift off to sleep

A deep prayer for myself I keep

That my heart will now open wide

And with the truth I will abide

In this, oh great complexity

I always seek simplicity

Alike two people do not see

Making up our reality

Technology within our sphere

Difficult now to disappear

It is also hard to be seen

If you’re lost in the great machine

Step back and take a deeper look

Your life is not a picture book

Deep inside there are treasures

That will lead to greater pleasures

A loving heart is also kind

A sacred place where you will find

Blessings like waterfalls that flow

Over each and all, love bestow

You always reap what you sow

This is what helps us to grow

With compassion in your heart

From the dark you will depart

Live your truth and always bend

If you break it’s best to mend

Do not wait until the end

For your health this does depend

With each new sunrise there’s a chance

To create a new circumstance

That supports you and those around

For kindness within to be found

Then act with kindness every day

Find humor in the way you play

Your part in this great mystery

A radiant light you will be

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