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Peace, Love & Harmony

Every night before I sleep

Prayers for peace and love to keep

In my heart all night and day

Harmony is here to stay

Every morning when I wake

Earth’s beauty within I take

Golden rays light up the day

Illuminate love’s array

Peace and love and harmony

Dream into reality

Healing hatred everywhere

With wisdom and justice fair

Kindness is the key to peace

Love the antidote to hate

Ending violence will release

Full potential to create

We are one humanity

Let’s unite in harmony

Celebrate diversity

Create a grand symphony

Loving-kindness is the way

To open hearts and to play

Together as we engage

The challenges of this age

Bend your knee to harmony

Through love’s lens all people see

Along with life on land and sea

We are all one family

Connected and intertwined

To each other let’s be kind

Caring for all with respect

Health for all do not reject

Life is a grand miracle

Such an awesome spectacle

Kiss the ground in gratitude

Embrace kindness attitude

In your heart blessings accrued

Your love for all life imbued

Knowing that we are all one

Birthed by planet Earth and Sun

Peace, Love & Harmony reign

When peace of mind we attain

Creating a mighty chain

Of goodness that Is humane

And so It Is

So It shall be

For now and all eternity

Peace, Love & Harmony

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