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Open to Receive the Love

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Sunlight filtered through moisture filled air

Mind mixing multiple senses

Simultaneously forming

A picture of where I feel I am

My body sits at the center

As the world revolves around me.

Centered within my sacred temple

Aware that I am one in a billion trillion

Every point sacred, infinite & immortal

Wondering what will be my dance today

What will Divine Intelligence deliver?

Delightful delusion or heavy burden?

I set my intentions believing I have power

To chart my course within Great Mystery

The unknown is both pleasure and pain

My attachments mislead me into darkness

Where I forget my true nature and fall

Into the abyss of endless suffering

Force of Will lifts me only so far

Until my strength to resist is gone

Surrendering to the oppressive weight

I collapse, numb and senseless.

Sleep, into the void avoiding what I know

Muddled mind, resting, regenerating.

Prayer is my salvation.

The door through which my angels

Fly to my side singing

Faint at first then loud and clear

As I open my heart to the love

That always and ever surrounds me

How often I have lost my way

Forgetting to slow down and pray

Open to receive the love that flows

From below and above that grows

In every heart that is open wide

To the mystery that is inside

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