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Mission for Humanity

These are my concluding remarks in a speech delivered yesterday, 10 December 2020, at a CSR Award ceremony for Indonesian government owned corporate enterprises (BUMN):

It’s time for us all to think “out of the box”, to find creative and effective ways to solve the challenges that face us. “Think globally and act locally” is what we must do.

CSR is based on contributions to social, economic and environmental factors. This needs go beyond the walls of corporations and into village communities that are the heart of all societies and nations.

We must all work together to resolve the economic, health and environmental crises that are confronting us today to insure a healthy future for ourselves and our families. Time is running out as we plunder the earth’s resources, destroy forests, add toxic chemicals to our soils, overfish and pollute our oceans and air. The most important mission for humanity now is to live sustainably on Earth by replanting our forests, regenerating our soil and oceans through careful management, using only green, renewable and clean energy sources, and making sure that all products that we consume can be recycled without toxicity.

I pray that we will all find the best paths to achieve this and that all children will inherit a healthy world that they can thrive in.

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