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Peace is the Way

In Bali, there is a saying, "If someone throws a stone, throw back a flower".

If we want to survive as a race, we must learn to find peaceful means to resolve conflicts.

We must not justify violence for any reason.

Retaliation and killing people will not bring the people that have been killed back to life.

Those who have had violence done to them,

would be wise to rise above their instinctual field

into a place of compassion and understanding.

They must protect themselves from further violence,

while not inflicting more suffering on others.

In this way, they will gain the support of the whole world

and be a shining example of our highest human potential.

If we continue to fall into the trap of "an eye for an eye" then we will never realize peace on earth.

It is never too late to end the cycle of violence.

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