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Fate & Free Will

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Whatever we actually do in life, how we act, reveals our innermost intentions,

consciously or unconsciously.

Whatever experiences that we go through are ultimately for our spiritual growth and benefit.

There are no mistakes. No one is at fault, others or ourselves.

Forgiveness for ourselves and others is key in finding the gems hidden in the mud of confusion, guilt, anger, blame, hurt, disappointment, and devastation.

In the realm of spirit, as immortal, infinite beings, no one is a victim and no one is a perpetrator, even though this is how it appears in our 3D consensus reality.

We have agreed to be here, to participate in the dramas of this thought generated dimension, for the learning experiences and soul expanding opportunities that are available here.

When one lives consciously and understands this, the possibility of transcendence arises.

In order for this to occur we must let go of attachments and beliefs, surrender into the unknowable and open ourselves to the Great Mystery.

When we do this, we connect with soul energy and Divine Intelligence that is one with all creation. Knowledge and wisdom flow through us and become accessible when in this state of union.

There is no effort required to achieve this state, only a deep relaxation and letting go which enables us to merge into the loving frequency and energy of All That Is.

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