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Love is the Great Attractor


~ ~ ~

So much has been written about love.

The subject of so much joy, bliss, sorrow and despair.

Love returned lifts us into Heaven.

Love rejected or not received and reciprocated can cause one to fall into the depths of depression.

~ ~ ~

What most people refer to as “love” is a set of fleeting emotions and passions.

Love affairs, passionate encounters, stolen kisses, sensual arousal, merging into ecstatic energy.

At the heart of all of this is a space where apparent separation disappears.

Almost all human beings know this space… or will know it before they depart from this lifetime.

~ ~ ~

When the heart opens and flies on the wings of love, divine revelation is accessible.

When in this ecstatic state, allow the energy to permeate every cell of your body; feel the presence of love saturate your consciousness and nourish your physical form, all your organs, tissues, muscles and bones.

You do not need another person to experience this with.

All of life is vibrating with the frequencies of Universal Intelligence that is infused with love.

~ ~ ~

Love is the great attractor, without which there would be no creation.

~ ~ ~

Open your consciousness to the infinite energy that is your essence.

Open your heart to the Great Mystery of Creation.

Every moment of every day, remember who you are.

With every breath, every word and deed, remember who you are.

Infinite and immortal consciousness; creator of universes.

Gaia is calling to her children to remember.

A great opportunity is at our doorstep.

~ ~ ~

Will you open the door and walk through?

Vitality, health, harmony and revelation await you on the other side.

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