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Love’s Embrace

On my birthday my highest prayer

Is to ignite a great love flare

Lift the suffering from despair

A world of kindness now declare

For I know the highest truth

That I have carried from my youth

That we are beings of love and light

More brilliant than the darkest night

From a star system I arrived

To learn lessons that I contrived

And offer myself as a gift

That into love would others lift

I have been lost along the way

This is the price that we all pay

When signing up for this mission

We forget our true position

Angels are always by our side

In every heart they do abide

Ready to support and to guide

Our every thought and every stride

Remember who you truly are

Immortal as an avatar

Infinite as the Universe

Many dimensions we transverse

This is our opportunity

To rise in love and to be free

Of all our negativity

To be the highest we can be

For at your death what you will take

Is consciousness that you create

That determines where you reside

And with whom you will be allied

Thus plan now for your departure

Aim with focus like an archer

Know clearly where you want to be

And how to get there consciously

You must be empty to arrive

At your next port of call and thrive

Any baggage that you carry

Will you to dense domains marry

So at the time of death let go

Of all attachments to this show

If you want to be truly free

Live every day masterfully

May love infuse all your actions

Your life filled with benefactions

Above all else yourself forgive

Pardon others and let them live

Kindness and love are essential

To fulfill your full potential

Negative emotions are the chains

That undermine all of your gains

Take this lightly and you will lose

Your opportunity to choose

All restrictions are self-imposed

By the ways that you are disposed

So break free now and dance with me

Our future embrace joyfully

Center yourself in love’s embrace

Open your heart to Divine Grace

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