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Our Divided World & Universal Intelligence

As our divided world continues to split apart, uncertainty is everywhere and dis-ease increases in many places, while decreasing in others. Living under unpredictable conditions is unsettling and disturbing and people have developed different ways of coping. Lack of transparency and the purposeful dissemination of mis-information and lies on almost all levels of journalism and governance is at the core of the huge rift unfolding across the planet. Many well informed people believe this has been and is a calculated endeavor of setting up decoys to distract people from what’s actually going on. Our freedoms, sovereignty and quality of life have been degraded slowly over the past century, intensifying in the recent decades. Many governments worldwide have increased their surveillance of citizens and imposed harsh, restrictive regulations and controls. The divide includes those who have been and are marginalized, subjugated and suffering, and others who assume that everything is as it needs to be to insure our well-being, accepting the authority of more powerful forces that are supposed to protect us.

It is known that unimaginable wealth, power, and control are in the hands of very few people and families, many of whom most people have never heard of. It is these people and families who are directing the course of humanity. The billionaires that we know about today are like pawns in a game of chess that has been played for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

This era of “fake news” and “conspiracy theories” feeds perfectly into the unseen hands of today’s power brokers. Whistleblowers are thus discredited and evidence of shadow governments and agencies, supported by and part of the Military Industrial Complex are laughed at as fantasies born in the imaginations of crazy people. Credible witnesses and those in power who are deemed a threat are assassinated. The actual events are covered up and investigation files locked away in vaults to protect “national security”. These and other crimes in plain sight seem to elude the masses and even the intelligentsia who believe in their sources of information and discredit anything that’s labeled “conspiracy”. Fear of outside threats from aliens, terrorists, viruses, etc is the zeitgeist of our times. It makes total sense that anyone who is sensitive is feeling unsettled.

How can we navigate these treacherous waters and what is our next destination?

There is a large body of evidence pointing to Universal Intelligence, of which we are a part, that is built into the fabric of creation. The hubris driving the power brokers is blinding and self-destructive. Gaia, our Mother Earth is aching from the actions of her children, and calling forth conscious awareness of how we are destroying her vital systems that nourish her and us. We are in the midst of a great evolutionary drama without a clear outcome. Where we ground and focus our consciousness, how we express our emotions, and how we act is essential not only to our personal well-being, also to the survival of our species into the future.

Essential elements for our “Survival and Successful Evolution Tool Kit” (SSETK):

  • Love yourself

  • Develop inner peace

  • Treat others as you want to be treated

  • Do not fear

  • Trust in the power of Universal Love

  • Take peaceful action with groups you are aligned to

  • Care for and protect yourself, the sick, underprivileged, those in need, Nature and animals

If we are successful with our SSETK, our next destination is liberation, well-being and freedom:

  • Liberation from fear, want and suffering caused by attachments and ignorance.

  • Well-being that radiates kindness, love and goodness into the field of Universal Intelligence.

  • Freedom to explore our multi-dimensional creation, learn, evolve and eventually return home to our higher self and source.

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