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Love is Life’s Highest Art

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

There is no going back

Life is not white or black

So many shades of grey

Strong forces are at play

Within this complex field

Dimensions are concealed

With which we interact

Where secrets are revealed

Believe or believe not

Time to untie the knot

Of ignorance that binds

And closes hearts and minds

A simple truth is there

Unlocked in every prayer

That love is everywhere

And kindness is its pair

So let us all begin

That all of us will win

Abundant love within

And peace to be built-in

Why waste this precious life

With anger causing strife?

We have so much to gain

Why co-create more pain?

To heal yourself find ways

To navigate the maze

Of emotions ablaze

That influence your days

Be positive and start

With kindness play your part

Love is life’s highest art

In each and every heart

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