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Love Eternal

There are no words to express

This profound feeling within my being

Your soft eyes and sweet caress

We melt and merge, intertwined, flowing

Boundaries between us disappearing

Pure rapture transports my soul

Into the cosmos of universal light

Ripples of energy, I am whole

Spacious, One, and bright

We are fire, we are free

Within all possibility

Burning hot, building strength

Connecting in profound wavelength

Eternal moments enter infinity

Establishing noble divinity

Spreading in waves far and wide

Of love within and side-by-side

Oh blessed Angel, your wings embrace me

Your tender deep kisses devour and reveal

I am washed offshore into the deep sea

Your strong embraces into my heart steal

Powerful currents of love eternal

From another time I have known you

In other dimensions we have played

Inspiring the muse within in each other

The Goddess, God, Supreme Being

Clear light in flames fired

By deep sky blue and lucent green

Vitality and passion arise in every cell of my soul

I shiver at your touch, softly caressing, tantalizing

Deep breaths to bring you into, through me, and back again

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We bow in gratitude before the triple flame

Foreheads together above clasped hands

Prayers flow like diamond dust on the wind

Infusing sacred fields with love & abundance

We are never apart, never were

Amnesia overtook me and I always dreamed of you

Not knowing if I would meet you before leaving this life

You dreamed of me and in this way we were connected

My tears of joy and gratitude overflow and I am liberated

In the sweet and salty nectar that kisses my lips

Joyous laughter at the great mystery and miracle

That weaves infinity into the finite

With so much brilliance that we become light

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