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Look Into Your Heart

To see the ocean in a drop of rain

A forest in a tiny seed

Mountains rising from a plain

Reflected in a small glass bead

Woke up, become aware

Infinity is everywhere

Within all things great and small

Endless reflections of each and all

Low fruits hanging from the trees

Easy to grasp, instantly please

Flooding our senses with sweet ease

Refreshing like a gentle breeze

Mother Nature holds the key

To the success of humanity

Essential for us to survive

Our mother must also thrive

Thankfully it’s not too late

If we start now and do not wait

To protect wild places on land and in sea

Restoring all constructively

If we have the will, we can change

Our priorities we must rearrange

Yet in our denial we have failed

And all our futures have been derailed

Unless we make this a priority

Our children will never grow up to see

The beautiful garden that we enjoy

By our inaction we will destroy

The true meaning of economy

All resources managed sustainably

Guaranteeing a healthy future

For humans and nature, nurture

Look into your heart and you will see

This truth and it’s necessity

Act now and do not hesitate

For soon it all will be too late

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