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Live with Love

We have so much to be thankful for

And yes, so much more to explore

Ways for all humankind to be

United in true harmony

With nature live sustainably

WokeUp a call for each and all

To live with love and not to fall

Into despair from what you see

In our current reality

Rise up, shine, be all you can be

We have the tools to build anew

Justice and peace are within view

Embedded within every heart

Compassion lives, we can jumpstart

New ways of living we must chart

Look at all the disparities

Beside the many charities

Empower people to take care

Of their families be aware

Wealth distribution that is fair

A single voice cannot be heard

At great distance it will be blurred

A chorus is what’s needed now

To sing the truth and disavow

Greed to rule we will not allow

Enlightened leaders now arise

For justice do not compromise

For there is no more time to waste

All reforms must be made in haste

Lest this precious gift be defaced

Let us take Nature as our guide

On Earth there is no place to hide

Our biosphere all connected

Systems can be resurrected

If their health by all respected

Humanity has lost the plot

Crucial wisdom we have forgot

That on the Earth we all depend

For her vital health we must tend

Our foolish greed we must transcend

Thus in your heart now take this vow

To care and be kind here and now

Demand that those who feed your needs

Guard ecosystems by their deeds

And share justly of their proceeds

Let us wake up and realize

For this there is no compromise

With health and love we all do thrive

For true well-being we must strive

Arise radiantly alive

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