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Life’s Miracle on Earth

The peace that's found within the heart,

Brings magic into every part,

And opens pathways to life's art.

In the heart the core is love,

Flowing peaceful as the dove.

It's love's embrace that conquers fear,

And showers blessings year to year.

Passionate as the wind is free,

My open arms have welcomed Thee,

And found therein the sacred trust

That lies within the depths of us:

To care for creatures great and small;

To heal and nourish one and all.

Within the circle called our life,

We pray for love to end all strife.

Hold each heart in sweet precious love.

The mighty eagle and gentle dove,

Together fly as one revealed

A timeless dream no more concealed,

That peace and love are here to reign

Upon the earth for all to gain.

This is our Lady’s wish for all,

Our goddess of the lake and sea:

Come celebrate and join the call.

Rejoice in all that we can be.

Let’s meet in fields of joyous laughter,

And play together ever after.

Oh thanks sweet love for entering

My wounded heart just opening.

To all this bliss I wake and sing

In gratitude for life’s healing.

I kneel and kiss the sacred ground

Life’s miracle on Earth abound.

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