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Let Love Prevail

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

In this world of blue and green

Red flowers adorn the scene

Oceans calm and clouds on high

I raise my hands up to the sky.

Calling my angels loud and clear

Asking for strength this coming year

To comprehend what I must know

In order that I learn and grow

Oh great spirit, blessed be

Reveal the truth inside of me

Open my heart to feel the love

Streaming eternal from above

Within all things a spark Divine

Illuminating every mind

Transforms the darkness into light

Revealing spirits holy might

In every action every day

Let love prevail in every way

This is the power that we need

For peace on Earth to succeed

Heaven is made within our hearts

This is the highest of life's arts

To love at times when we are hurt

A force of will we must exert

Come forth my angels, heal me now

My fields are ready for your plow

Open my heart to hear your song

The time has come, the journey long

I commit myself to this path

I will free myself from my wrath

I now declare that I am free

From darkness that's inside of me

And darkness that I see outside

I will accept as just my pride

Ego can be a nasty thing

Projection only sadness brings

It is easy to blame others

To pull in and close the shutters

In the darkness we then reside

Only hiding from truth inside

Open the windows and the doors

Sweep all the debris from the floors

Let the light in to clean the space

Open your heart, receive love's grace

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