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Imagine Everything is One

Imagine everything is one

Infinite body having fun

Spinning matter relentlessly

Creating all worlds consciously

The great unknown is everywhere

Potential within every spin

Every point of light is aware

Intelligence that is built-in

It’s up to us to grasp the game

Ignorance is such a sad shame

No one or nothing else to blame

Negative thinking we must tame

So what of darkness and despair

In a world that seems so unfair

War and poverty co-exist

Suffering cannot be dismissed

As we all wake up we will find

Pathways of Peace for all to tread

Living in love and being kind

Release us from this awful dread

Together we are in this dance

Creating worlds as if by chance

Which emerge from our intentions

Manifesting our inventions

To understand Great Mystery

Surrender to this majesty

This miracle we all can know

When loving-kindness we bestow

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