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Freedom, America dreams

Freedom, what does it mean

When 2 million in prison remain unseen

Contracted out, same as slaves

To labor for others, living in caves

With bars & bracelets, cuffed and confined

Branded criminals and then mined

America, land of the free

Except those in prison

Many unjustly

Years of confinement

Only to find

They are innocent

Justice was blind

By color and race

Against prejudice face

Not freedom for all

Shoved to the wall

Beaten and bruised

Badly abused

In constant fear

Murdered year after year

Freedom, America dreams

Not at all what it seems

Hypocrisy reigns

For corporate gains

Greed at the center

Only the privileged enter

Rotten to the core

Hard to restore

The sovereign rights

Of the weak and the poor

Freedom, awake from your sleep

Join hands in right action

Promises keep

That we all gain traction

To repair the pain

Inflicted on innocents

By minds insane

We must all join hands now

To make it through

The challenges upon us

Creating anew

Mutual respect

No one neglect

Care for each other

As sister and brother

And nature our mother

Leave no one behind

Show up and be kind

Black Lives Matter

Not empty chatter

Be bold and strong

Know right from wrong

Freedom, let it ring in the halls

Of every building, hear the calls

In every park and every lane

Freedom now for all to gain

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