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In the magic hours of deep night

A sliver of moon and stars shine bright

Daylight commotion is fast asleep

Dream threads float up into heaven’s keep

I have battled demons then some

Stuck in mind’s quagmire and lost become

In thoughts of shame at what I have done

Actions from which I try hard to run

Oh my bitter conscience strong and wild

Where is the innocence of my child

I have drifted so far from that place

Guilt webs throughout my mental disgrace

How, where, why and what, I am confused

Like a worn out rag that’s been abused

Don’t turn away and make it alright

Many hours remain in this night

Into my shadow I shall now dive

To witness all and not to contrive

To bear my deep pain and suffering

That to the surface a light I’ll bring

Oh blessed angels support me now

I am a field ready for your plow

My tears water, now compost my pain

That your love blessings I shall now gain

Emerging from darkness infernal

To know my essence as eternal

May forgiving myself guide my way

Forgive others and for all life pray

Loving-kindness planted in my core

Not forgetting where I was before

All attachments I therefore release

Unburdened now my light shall increase

Blessed angels that surround me now

In your loving brilliance take my vow

To act in kindness with love each day

Every word I speak suffering allay

And when I fail I will be aware

Of what to do that will then repair

The pain caused by my words and actions

That they shall become benefactions

Back on my feet I now walk in love

Respecting life below and above

Miracle and beauty all around

Forgiveness a blessing so profound

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