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Fire Within

Fire within ignites my soul

Purifies and makes me whole

Passions are what set me free

Into worlds of ecstasy

I embrace life as it is

Receiving all that life gives

Surrendering to the love

Power that flows from above

The fact is, it’s all inside

We all signed up for this ride

Into unknown fantasies

That make our realities

Our minds make it all complex

We do not see its effects

Lose your way in the vortex

And never reach the apex

Try to grasp infinity

Beyond our ability

Making up what we believe

Makes it simple to conceive

Any notions that we choose

Can support life or abuse

This is what is called Free Will

With awareness we distill

Which way do you want to go

Will you choose wellness or woe

It’s up to you to decide

To your actions you are tied

Pleasure always has two sides

Sometimes unites or divides

Depending on what it’s based

Sometimes it can be misplaced

If all involved do consent

No cause will be to resent

When all enjoy and relate

With joy and love we create

Be positive and rejoice

This is the very best choice

For us to live together

And withstand stormy weather

Believing in perfection

Guides to a good direction

Asking for help when you need

Is a sign of strength indeed

Life’s path is not always clear

Our course not easy to steer

To yourself be always kind

To higher self be aligned

Forgiveness, a master key

For our love to be set free

Show up with gentle kindness

Radiate your true brightness

Every day sit down and pray

Ask for help in every way

Show up with humility

With all be in harmony

Find a garden that you love

Look around and see all of

The beauty that is throughout

Nurture your soul, have no doubt

Step by step all will be well

To your grandchildren you’ll tell

How in life you found your way

Encouraging them to play

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