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Expand Your Mind, Open Your Heart

The cosmos that’s inside of me

A swirling mass of energy

That’s organized in such a way

As part of evolution’s play

When we look around, what we see

Is a slice of reality

Behind the masks of every thing

The multiverse from this does spring

Expand your mind, open your heart

Engage and enquire, play your part

Begin each new day as a child

Be daring and explore the wild

Show up each day and do not judge

Give curiosity a nudge

Question all that you think you know

Upon yourself, wisdom bestow

Most important is to be kind

To ourselves and all those around

For it is easy to be blind

Thus to suffering we are bound

Let understanding lead the way

With tolerance show up and pray

That all will thrive within your care

Healing hearts and minds everywhere

We all know that Love is the key

Wherein hearts sing in harmony

Life is truly a symphony

A faceted complexity

Do not take things personally

Embrace others as family

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