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Divine and Shining

May all our days our hearts guide

That forgiveness may abide

And harmony reign

In every vein

Every domain

In every hall

Upon the beach

In the mountains tall

Places hard to reach

For each and all

Let us remember everyday

Loving-kindness as we pray

That this wisdom will last beyond

Each moment as a sacred bond

Beloved Gaia calls us now

To unite and take a vow

To protect all life

No exceptions

Lay down all our weapons

Listen as true healing beckons

Releasing all of our grief

With love may we all embrace

Regardless of belief

Gospel, nation or race

Prepare the ground

Of your heart

Open your mind

And take part

The time has come

For all to know

That united we thrive

And with love we grow

Reach high

And embrace the Sun

Bring light to Earth

For everyone

We each are channels

Of Her Love

Divine and shining

Illumined thereof

Darkness is the blessed ground

From which all life does abound

So nurture seeds of Love and Peace

Do not let go of or release

The beauty that lies within

Each one of us,

Let’s now begin

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