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Beloved Gaia

How I love the early dawn light

Swallows are gliding all in flight

Chorus of birds sing in delight

Majestic grey clouds turning white

Horizons bend beyond my sight

All is calm, grateful harmony

A precious gift today to me

To soothe my soul and set me free

To soar beyond the farthest sea

Exploring this great mystery

Beloved Gaia holds us all

As we appear within this hall

Entering into vast creation

Awed by myriad sensation

Losing oneself in elation

To regain that which has been lost

Comes always at a mighty cost

Few seek out their liberation

Until they meet devastation

And fall into trepidation

Finding your way through this dark maze

Starts by knowing it’s just a phase

Embrace your shadow to release

Negativity and increase

Your love of self in all its ways

Forgiveness is where we begin

To move on from where we have been

Holding to positivity

Create new possibility

And in love’s embrace you shall be

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