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Are We “Out of Time”?

Hopefully, yes, although not in the way that you might think I mean. If by some miracle we are able to step “out of time” and reset to the period of balance in our Biosphere that began just before what we call the “Dawn of Civilization”, then we could have a chance of evolving without great suffering. So far we haven’t figured out how to do this, and most likely this possibility lies in unrealized potential of our current global consciousness. Many modern educated people believe unequivocally in our science based 3D reality with some scientists adding to this the dimensions of time and space. Those who go beyond this concept of reality are considered quacks, priests, shamans, visionaries, psychonauts, etc.

It is clear that current technologies available and efforts being made by people, businesses and governments around the world, are not sufficient and will not be able to turn the Climate Crisis around in time to maintain the balance that has fostered life over the past 100,000+ years.. We have likely passed all predicted tipping points, and now can only rely on human ingenuity along with the possibility that all the ecosystems of the biosphere will be more resilient than we think.

The course we’re on has already brought us mass die offs of many species, global disease, environmental disasters like floods, fires, droughts, violent storms and ever increasing average temperatures along with intense periods of extreme cold in many places. The earth is seeking new equilibrium as a result of human activity combined with natural cycles. It will take a globally coordinated, concerted effort by all people and governments to shift the momentum, bring about healing and repair and return the biosphere to the magnificent balance that was the foundation which allowed human civilization to flourish.

Having to adapt to the new challenges and circumstances that we find ourselves in and that are to come is causing us to evolve both biologically and spiritually. A grand experiment directed by Universal/ Divine Intelligence with no guaranteed course or outcome; like an improvisation play where intelligence and consciousness of every player interacts, responding to and activating each other, setting in motion unpredictable scenarios. We are one interrelated force field generated from the power of sub-atomic particles and cellular interactions to the great heavenly planetary and stellar bodies beyond our sights and comprehension. Just as every part of our precious biosphere connects to and influences every other part, so it is with all of the universes within this multi-dimensional dense realm of matter.

Therefore, on a personal level, where some of us have more influence than others, it is vital that we empower our consciousness with positive thinking and align ourselves with the principles of harmony, health, good-will, loving-kindness and compassion. There is simply no room for dystopian nightmare scenarios playing out in our minds. In fact, it is the very same people spreading fear based theories and visions who are empowering them to manifest. Being aware of the fields of human activity, including politics, social justice, economics and our effects on the environment can be important, especially injustices and attacks on nature, freedom and sovereignty. This is not the same as believing that conditions will only get worse and that we are falling into an age of darkness.

Holding positive visions of how we want the world to be is critical, especially in these times

~ ~ ~

Align yourself with love

and you will find inspiration flowing from the source of universal intelligence

which is within every particle of the creation from the micro to the macrocosm

~ ~ ~

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