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Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving Day USA

Beloved Gaia, mother Earth

Radiant Ra, father Sun

We join hands with our loved ones today in gratitude

For this gift of life that is so precious and fragile

For all the blessings and bounty that we receive

May our hearts open wide with compassion

May our minds be at peace accepting our differences

Let us remember that

In giving, we receive

In serving, we are served

In loving, we are loved

With empathy & compassion, we are forgiven

~ ~ ~

On this special day and always

Let us remember & thank the First People

Who embraced and supported us through our trials

The weak and poor who have fallen between the cracks of our abundance

Let us repair the injustices that have been wrought upon those less fortunate

Those children of Gaia from whom their freedoms were stolen by greedy masters

Let us dedicate ourselves to living in peace

May the power of love illuminate our hearts

This day and evermore…

Amen, Amin, by the Grace of Gaia and Ra

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