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Prayer for Gaia

Beloved Gaia

Mother of All on Earth

Radiant jewel in our Galaxy

Loving presence in our Universe

I open my heart and mind in coherence

With the Great Mystery of creation

May I know my body as one with yours

May I be aware of the Unity of Consciousness

The inter-connected energy that everything Is

May I be joyful, dance and sing in gratitude

For all the blessings that are in my life

May I radiate love and act with compassion

May I open my mind, heart and body to receive your grace

May my actions be kind and my words be true

And may all of your children care for your well-being

Knowing that there is no separation

That we are All One

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Alan Jay White
Alan Jay White

Absolutely Divine Prayer.

You are Her channel to Her inner Sanctum.

Shine on dear, beloved man.

You are a glowing, regal emerald.


Thank you dear friend and beloved Alan….

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