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Positive Energy Alignment

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Chakra Affirmations

(author unknown)

These affirmations carry the essence of positive energy flowing throughout our body and mind. Memorize them and repeat them everyday upon awakening,

whenever you stop and pause during the day,

and/or before going to sleep at night.

As you repeat these words, focus on the area of your body to which they relate.

If you’re not sure where that is, check out the photo above, or search the internet.

Wishing you an expanded journey into the magical and mysterious beingness of you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Crown Chakra:

I am connected to the Divine Source of the Universe

I AM Light

I Trust

Third Eye Chakra

My mind is open to new vision

I expand my awareness of my infinite self

Throat Chakra

I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate this with love and honor

My words echo softly within the Universe

Heart Chakra

My heart is open to receive the energy of Love

I radiate this essence

I walk my path with Ease and Grace

Solar Plexus Chakra

My Will and Divine Will are One.

I am connected to the abundant flow of the Universe and easily manifest my dreams

Sacral Chakra

I Love all dimensions of Myself

I delight in weaving the creative tapestry that is my life

Base Chakra

I am connected with the energy of Mother Earth.

My body, mind and spirit are grounded, centered & purified


I do not know who wrote these, and they are well thought out and beautifully expressed. If anyone knows the author, please let me know and I will credit them.

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