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Your Heart’s Wisdom

To penetrate Great Mystery

Open your inner eye to see

Alternative reality

The source of creativity

Divine intelligence within

Can be accessed when you begin

To calm your mind and take your seat

Be in your heart with love replete

Creation is a magic show

Now you are here and then you go

A chance to evolve and to grow

If you resolve to yourself know

This opportunity is rare

Illusions appear everywhere

Finding your way is possible

By embracing life’s crucible

Nature is here to guide the way

Follow her path, come out and play

Your loving heart put on display

Grateful and joyous live each day

Our planet is a proving ground

Higher consciousness all around

Very few people understand

The changes that are now at hand

What seems clear in all this madness

Despite the pain and the sadness

Love flourishes for those who choose

To go far beyond win and loose

With open hearts we have a chance

To connect deeply and to dance

Passionate creativity

Embracing all humanity

Life upon sacred mother earth

All related from before birth

Comprehend this and look around

May limitless love all surround

Through your heart’s wisdom you can know

What to nurture and what to sow

Choosing only love’s seeds to grow

Blessings on all you will bestow

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