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With Love in My Heart

Each moment of every day

An opportunity to play

Presenting me the chance to be

Aligned with life in ecstasy

A prayer on my lips as I woke

With heartfelt gratitude I spoke

For what I have in multitude

Appreciation attitude

Whatever challenge comes to me

Mega or minor it may be

A heart full of thanks is inclined

To find a way through peace of mind

We take for granted that we can walk

And even more that we can talk

We grasp a glass and do not think

Nor ponder how it is we blink

I wonder if I could not speak

Or move my limbs what would I seek

Aware of my limitation

Would I find joy in creation?

Our bodies are magnificent

Of this we are all innocent

The realm of imagination

Is where I find my salvation

With love in my heart I decide

Where it is I want to reside

Within my heart I can embrace

The natural world and human race

Please guide my every action now

Show me kindness the why and how

That all the world will wake and heal

To Thee, Divine Glory I kneel

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