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With Love as Your Captain

When you look around, what do you see?

People acting in harmony?

Joyful, loving and living free?

Or are they chained in misery

Minds filled with negativity?

This life is like a labyrinth

Mirrored hallways & illusions

Mental concepts crystallized

Into matter realized

From thought energy devised

The way through lies in your heart

With love as your captain you can start

To manifest your highest visions

And harmony in all your decisions

Well being for all at the heart of love’s call

Hold this close, let your mind reflect

Repeat moment by moment, do not neglect

Let this be infused into your every cell

Slowly, day by day all will be well

And in love’s embrace you will dwell

Take heed my dear friend

We are all in this together

It is up to each one of us in the end

Whether to love or to hate we tether

And thus live in fair or foul weather

Heaven is not a place outside

There are many in which to reside

The mansions within make up the maze

And depend on where you place your gaze

They are there to capture and amaze

Go beyond if you dare

If for your essential nature you care

For there are treasures that lie within

In the secret chambers of your heart begin

And freedom to explore will be yours to win

Love is the key that unlocks all doors

Love heals all hearts, mine and yours

Woke up to love and freedom claim

Your pure light consciousness a burning flame

With one pointed focus toward love aim

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