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Wisdom Within Your Heart

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Patterns of light, joy and delight

This creation within my sight

Morning grey yields to light blue skies

White cloud kingdoms dazzle my eyes

Appreciate this play of life

Tune into unity that’s rife

All of nature’s interactions

Are a series of attractions

Enter into this miracle

A part of a great spectacle

You determine which part you play

Every moment of every day

Clear all the cobwebs from your mind

And sweet clarity you will find

That guides you through life’s confusion

And leads you out of man’s illusion

What we are taught and a what is true

Are different for me and you

In this moment you have a choice

To which thoughts you will give your voice

Let your words that precede actions

Support your dreams, not distractions

From the wisdom within your heart

Is the foundation where to start

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