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Vision For Evolution

The caterpillar’s transformation, the qualities of a quantum leap, a complete metamorphosis from a grounded being into a delicate flying beauty, a fairy pollinating the flowers and plants, playing in tall grasses and lifting to the skies. People everywhere are shedding their limited self-images, and opening to know their unlimited and immortal essential nature. In all stratas of society, in all countries around the globe, the dialogue and experiences of people are shifting and deepening. This is a requirement for growth. The vast canyons between those of uncountable wealth and those in abject poverty have become dangerously deep, unstable and untenable. My vision is that leaders will arise who reflect this awakening consciousness and cooperate with each other to manifest a world of kindness, peace, harmony, well-being and beauty. Communities and societies will thrive in those conditions. Amazing creativity will arise, inspired by such a life affirming field. People within these communities will initiate their own spiritual explorations by aligning their consciousness with their subtle energy bodies, thus experiencing their multidimensional nature.

Earth’s garden will be re-established and humans begin once again to work with Gaia rather than exploit her. Populations will live in inspirational environments that have the ability to provide the comfort and spacial requirements of each inhabitant. These consensus communities are reflections of others in what we often refer to as Heaven. And there are many heavens providing a places of beauty and serenity according to the common visions held by the members of the community and occupants of each Heaven. People everywhere will be inspired to create Heaven On Earth in a way that mankind has never seen, with so many billions of people visioning it. The visions of Heaven in every religion, in every culture, will be revealed to be completely compatible with each other, able to co-exist without imposing or forcing any dogmas on others. An age of sovereignty will reign as consciousness is raised.

In order for this to manifest, those who understand their essential nature will experience a vibrational shift where they find themselves in the dimension that matches their frequency of consciousness. These can be consensus communities, mystery schools, or an infinite number of realities. And some beings will merge into Pure Light Consciousness, Essential Nature, Higher-Self, where they are free to move through and participate in any and all of the infinite creations throughout infinite dimensions. Being immortal there is no time, thus the great mystery and infinite variety within essence and manifestation.

With all of the tensions that now exist between people almost everywhere, it’s critically important to keep your consciousness grounded in positive visions as you remain aware of the inner and outer terrain that you are walking through every day.

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