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Transformed by the Waters of Life

Water falling into a milky blue pool

Disbursing fairies into rays of sunlight

Dancing and floating on soft air currents cool

Filling all my pores with moisture and delight

My heart breaks open within this divine dance

As I raise my arms to receive these blessings

Oh what sweet joy and bliss in this great expanse

Embraced by nature’s beauty and all that brings

I am thus transformed by the waters of life

Healed and made whole by this perfect creation

Washing away the many forms of my strife

Releasing me into blissful elation

Oh Great Divine Spirit and Goddess supreme

I feel your strong presence within this sweet dream

Knowing that what I see is not what it seems

Clear crystals through which great intelligence beams

I step onto land surrendered to your grace

Unsure at first the best path for me to take

As I open my heart I pick up my pace

From my sleep of ignorance I now awake

What is this miracle, this great mystery?

That I have entered into so willingly

Forgetting who I am in darkness and pain

What are the blessings that I now hope to gain?

Peace of mind, passion, love, creativity

Surrounded by beauty and festivity

Vibrating with life in divine harmony

Exploring all of creation fearlessly

I now step forth with compassion and kindness

Releasing limitations and my blindness

Trusting that my guides and angels are with me

I enter fully into this fantasy

May these profound blessings of love and delight

Infuse my consciousness with wisdom and light

That I may be a beacon for all beings

To rejoice in ecstasy that laughter brings

Into the grid of Earth may this be engraved

That so many who suffer may now be saved

And lifted into their highest potential

From survival into what is essential

For soul to evolve and join the creation

Of magical worlds of love and elation

Opening our hearts and imagination

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