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The Way Home

The world heart within my heart

Within the Universe, all creation

Deeper than the deepest sea

Higher than the sky is high

Free of all my limitations

Far beyond all boundaries

And all manifestations

My body to the Earth is bound

My mind is free to soar

What I create in consciousness

Will bring me so much more

In heavenly realms I can reside

For moments when I choose

To let go of my suffering

And attachments lose

My beloved within everything

Who saves me from myself

And lifts me into ecstasy

Where I fly high and free

In your embrace I am safe

Hold me tight and pull me close

Do not let go lest I collapse

And into despair I lapse

I long for freedom, each day I pray

For the miracle of your love to stay

Always within my mind and thoughts

Within my heart our love expressed

Through every action we will conceive

Much more than we believe

With love at the helm, in your embrace

Into the highest heavens I will race

Then let go into the deepest space

Beyond all form without a trace

Free in expanded energy

A lamp lit for all to see

The way home through our love

Light that burns eternally

Illuminating all possibilities

Choices within realities

Unlocking doors to mysteries

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