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The Source of Well-Being

Updated: May 14, 2021

Dark skies and thunder meet,

wind blows the raincloud fleet

Downpour upon us soon,

night comes without a moon

Snuggled in a cocoon,

warm and in a deep sleep

Clothes across the floor strewn,

into dreams nightmares creep

People’s backs to the storm,

taking selfies to post

Clueless of the new norm,

hiding the truth, they boast

Wake up now, don’t ignore,

the sad plight of the poor

The signs of disruption,

disease of consumption

Are we all so hopeless,

can we not understand

Our challenge to focus,

to save our sacred land

The source of well-being

that gives our lives meaning

Is from our connection

to natural perfection

To care for our garden,

our primary concern

Greed we cannot pardon,

from our mistakes we learn

Above your demons rise,

compassion is the prize

Your anger now retire,

all grievances expire

Rise up now and be kind,

we are in the same bind

Together we must act

and create a new pact

With freedom and justice

for everyone we’ll be

Loving and encompass

all life in harmony

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