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The Shapes of Kindness

The shapes of kindness bend my mind

Into myriad patterns and layers behind

The veils of emotions that can lead me astray

Wandering through night as if blind by day

So many alleyways have I travelled beyond

Worlds of attractions for which I am fond

Spreading blessings nearby and to far distant lands

Love poured forth onto widespread sands

The time has come for a massive shift

Temple pillars of loving-kindness lift

Those suffering from the mud of confusion

From blind indifference and greed delusion

Embrace your beloved, hold on for your life

Currents are powerful, negativity rife

To your center cling, ground deep and soar high

Strong in your love, tears of compassion cry

Beauty hides in the most obvious places

Across the earth and throughout all races

A smile, bright and pure, is our gift to give

Lifting up all who pass, in heaven live

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2022

Keep up the beautiful sweet inspiration!

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