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The Magician

A vast palate of greens weave through the valley

Graceful white egrets glide across freshly planted fields

Delicate visions of purity and elegance floating free of gravity

My eyes too small to hold the myriad forms and details of creation

The higher I get the more I am blind to the surge of life below me

Within me a factory of billions cooperating to survive and thrive

Setting the foundations from which my body either lives or dies

Viruses, bacterias, micro-organisms of all kinds that when competing

Create disease that saps my energy, drains life-force and cripples

The macrocosm and microcosm out of balance must return to stasis

How long have I been lost and floating in illusion?

Am I living in the dream of a parallel self in another dimension?

Neither here nor there, I am everywhere and nowhere

Everything inside me merges beyond the limitations of mind

Inspiration from the void where anything can be birthed

A thin veil separates insanity from reality which in itself is always shifting

How do you hold on to a cloud or grasp a fleeting shadow in the night?

If this be a great magic show, then I am a magician, the source of illusions

Making it up as I go along to mystify and entertain the masses

Oohs and aahs at my performance or simply crash and burn

Futility is a doorway to insanity and depression

Meaning must be conjured by the magician within

Diving into Great Mystery can break the spell of ignorance

Connecting to what is of lasting value: Only Love, Only Love

The magician merges into the magic and is lost in Love

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Wow Em. This is some derp stuff! You are amazing and you will heal 100% That i am 100% sure!

Feb 10, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Ranj… happy to liked the poem… love and blessings…

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