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The Heart’s Desire

Black clouds loom above my head

Raging winds and darkest dread

Crashing waves against the shore

Cold presses in through every pore

Palm trees by the storm all bent

Even this is heaven sent

Flowers dangling, ripped from limbs

Random chaos, nature’s whims

Behind closed doors I sit and write

To satisfy my appetite

Reporting things that I can see

What is and what can also be

So how do storms the soul uplift

That human beings find the gift?

The precious gem within the fire

That clarifies the heart’s desire

Rage oh winds and storms of life

Clear my being of stress and strife

Cleanse my body of old and worn

Blow off this garment battle torn

Stripped of all I believe and know

Winds of change within me blow

Starting fresh and all anew

Awaken me to what is true

In harmony with gOd’s design

With spirit let my soul align

That I may see the truth within

In darkness, light will always win

And so it is, shall always be

That I am you, and you are me

And life is just a pageantry

A grand unfolding mystery

Oneness is reality

Oh Divine Causality!

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