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The Great Reset: Love in a Holographic Universe

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

My elf-nature celebrates the beauty and the possibilities of sensual, multi-dimensional, erotic, liberating, heart-felt, love inspired relationships that radiate healing energy into the field, creating a tidal-wave of potential and opportunity to choose sustainable pathways that are in harmony with nature and society, peaceful collaboration to eliminate all pollution & toxicity, and transformation to enlightened governance comprised of networks of wisdom councils that are health-affirming, mutually supporting, peacefully co-existing. Through weaving these threads of energy into the field we re-awaken our conscious, cellular, genetic memory of millions of years of evolution from the depths at the core of our being. Sitting still and tuning in, feeling the molecular energy vibrating in the field without and within, then focusing on the energetic center or chakra that you want to attune to, you connect to the energy of infinite creation and merge into that vibration; deep stillness in motion, consciousness at the center-point in perfect balance.

There will be what will seem like miracles; ideas and technologies that are being dreamed and brought into reality even now, and so much more, all revelations of the Great Mystery for how to repair and regenerate ecological systems, as well as generate 100% clean and renewable energy, economic systems that support quality of life and emotional well-being through a fairer distribution of wealth which in turn are the foundations of healthy families, communities and nations.

There are powerful forces at play during this time. I see them as the fire of the blacksmith’s kiln. In order to forge something strong and long lasting it takes huge amounts of focused energy and power. We are under the anvil as it strikes hot steel, ringing and reshaping, sharpening our awareness in order to cut through delusion and ignorance. This is a vital aspect of our mission. Do not run away from adversity. Turn to face it, and look within for guidance and strength to resolve any challenge. Help will always appear if you are open to receiving it and you call for it. Know that we are all part of a vast web of energy and light, interconnected, contributing to and sharing in the infinite intelligence of all creation. It is from our connection to this space that solutions will arise to ensure humanity’s chance for a long-term future.

In 2021 the structures based on control and slavery will be holding on and fighting to maintain their power. The tension between these out-dated structures and the new structures in tune with what is essential for humanity to focus on and accomplish in order to thrive on Earth 100 years from now, will be intense. Diplomacy will be tested to the max and eventually everyone will come to see the necessity of prioritizing the survival of our species over personal profits. If we are not able to get to this realization on a massive scale quickly, it is likely that billions of people will die over several decades. We can avoid this tragic outcome by shifting our priorities immediately, globally committing to sustainable living and doing the work necessary to make this a reality ASAP.

To help navigate these waters, shamans, wise women and men, visionaries and prophets will begin to be heard and respected more widely and eventually they will take their rightful places advising compassionate and rational systems of sovereigns choosing councils of elders to provide for those living within certain boundaries. It is unlikely that I will see this in my lifetime, and babies being born now will very likely be living in these beautiful, sustainable communities. That is if the movement to protect, respect, and regenerate nature gains support at current governmental levels that actually execute their plans effectively and get the predicted results. Do not doubt for a moment that rapid change can occur. Look at what the US has been through in the past 4 years from 2016-2020. Change in a positive direction is also surely possible, and will be essential for our survival.

Coming back to the deep intelligence within all creation, this means within you and me, within the plants in our gardens, the mountain cliffs and grains of sand on ocean beaches. The center-points within vortexes of energy are in constant motion, as is all of creation. Reach the center-point and you have connected with the infinite web of divine intelligence. Surrender all your actions, beliefs and judgements into this field, release all previously held concepts, and experience the deep peace in the well of your being. These are the moments of transmission, the invisible infusion of inspiration, wisdom and insights that will awaken in your consciousness just when you require them. Do not over-analyze this process. Remember, we are in the Great Mystery, and must accept our limited faculties of perception; physical, psychic and spiritual.

Love makes it all so sweet. The passion required to drive this great transformation will come from the power of lovers. Lovers of technology, lovers of nature, lovers of music, art and beauty, lovers of the deep sea and coral reefs, lovers of the animals that roam the forests, lovers of the homeless and forgotten people, lovers of service to the well-being of those lost and in need, lovers of families and children, lovers of the soil, plants and forests, lovers of poetry, lovers of passion and heart-to-heart, body-to-body connection.

Love is the greatest and most powerful healing energy. Without Love, nothing would exist. The ultimate realization is that the center point within all things is Love; a boundless energetic field in all directions; the holographic universe.

And what of the multi-verse? I find it ironic that physics hasn’t figured this out and been able to verify that multiple dimensions exist. They absolutely do. Many experience them often or have at least once in their lives, and there are documented cases of the spirit world affecting “our” world. There are mysteries that point directly to the reality of alternate dimensions that share the same space, operating on different frequencies.The Balinese name for the unseen worlds is Niskala. The world that we can see and touch is Sekala. Before entering a new venture, or building a home, the Balinese will make offerings to the Niskala realms to invoke the energies there to be positive allies in their efforts.

So let us all begin to make offerings to the unseen worlds in the form of positive thoughts and to the seen worlds in the form of acts of kindness. The more you attune your consciousness and align your actions toward positive and life-affirming values, the less isolated and alone you will feel.

From the poem Initiate / Actuate / Potentiate

With small steps that we each take

A better world we can make

A loving smile will shine light

Into a heart’s darkest night

Breaking chains that hold us tight

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