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The Garden Rejoices

The garden rejoices with the rain

Nourishment from above and below

As water kisses the terrain

The earth swells and seeds grow

A celebration of life

Sprouting shoots and shrooms

Find their way toward the light

As a flower blooms

Announcing to all in sight

A new era has begun

Day has overcome the night

The long drought is undone

Conditions are ripe and fertile

Change is everywhere

Cracked, dry earth is yielding

To the tears of the beloved

Weeping at the beauty of creation

The miracle that abounds

From infinitesimal particles

To galaxies floating in space

Expanding and contracting

Exploding light and black holes

A moment of alignment

For life as we know it to thrive

This is the time to break our confinement

Our chance to arise, not just survive

To prove that we can evolve

Let’s into this love dance dive

Creating beauty be our resolve

May we embrace diversity

Nature our university

Care for all with loving-kindness

And in all ways heal our blindness

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