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The Dragons of Lempuyang*

Arise dragons from your dens

With your fire breath now cleanse

Our world of impurities

From outer authorities

Help us now to burn away

Ignorance that holds us sway

That we may rise and embrace

Each other with love’s sweet grace

Wings spread wide be brave and strong

Discern what is right from wrong

Child of Earth here you belong

To live and sing your love-song

Kindness is the key to live

With compassion, ours to give

Release your hate and your fears

Live in freedom all your years

Why wait and/or hesitate?

Your influence can be great

Your positive energy

Does determine destiny

Do not doubt, you are sublime

Live with love for your lifetime

Blessings flow from gratitude

Great goodness will be accrued

With the dragons now awake

We can see what is at stake

Within this great mystery

Miracles can come to be

United we have great strength

When we share the same wavelength

Ways we live we must transform

To avert the coming storm

Be clear within your being

None of us is all seeing

Jointly we will find our way

Start now and do not betray

This grand opportunity

And responsibility

To create a life divine

In your heart find the goldmine

*The Light of the World

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