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Sweet Ecstasy of Love

Oh, sweet ecstasy of love

The blessings that pour down from above

Perfection of our bodies aligned

Radiant energy of souls entwined

Sacred kisses that melt my heart

Stirring passion that they impart

Strong embraces that hold me tight

Waves of bliss inside ignite

In love’s domain I surrender

Lifted into sparkling splendor

Every nerve and cell awake

Of Great Mystery I now partake

Exploding into infinity

A thousand lights inside of me

With my beloved in harmony

In the heart of love, blessed be

This moment an eternity

Love, the great healer, pure and divine

Let this source of power within us shine

Awaken all lovers wherever you are

You are a miracle, a shining star

Gaia calls upon your power

No more time, this is the hour

With our love we will be free

From hate and fear eternally

A force of will is required

To invoke the love within us wired

Let go of negativity

For self and others you will be

A pillar of light for all to see

Loving presence and serenity

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