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Step Into Infinity

Mists hanging damp far below

Mountain tops in valleys low

Air heavy as if pregnant

Not moving yet not stagnant

Filled with life in every drop

Floating silently nonstop

Coating every leaf and vine

For a sip of nature’s wine

Grey clouds and calm greet the dawn

Salmon colors on sky drawn

As the rising sun displays

Beauty of its awesome rays

My heart full as nature sings

A new day-in-love that springs

From gifts that sweet kindness brings

Spreading to all life on wings

Now the opportunity

To forgive and to be free

Of all guilt and fear that binds

Negativity in minds

Release who you think you are

Your soul is a shining star

Bright beyond ability

To grasp it futility

Step into infinity

Know your vast divinity

Bright in immortality

This is true reality

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